Re: Modsecurity + apache 1.3.37

Hi to everyone.
Today i upgraded my apache server to 1.3.37 and now modsecurity don't
like too much the included rule with this error:

Processing config directory: modsec/*.conf
Processing config file: modsec/genericattak.conf
Syntax error on line 25 of modsec/genericattak.conf:
Invalid command 'SecDefaultAction', perhaps mis-spelled or defined by
module not included in the server configuration

before this upgrade all goes ok.
The include tag is in <IfModule mod_security.c>.

Any one can help me?

Thank you

You can post to the modsecurity mailing list (

I'm sure someone on the list would have an asnwer.


~ Ofer Shezaf
ModSecurity rules project leader
CTO, Breach Security