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Thanks for reminding me of why I do so much of what I do. I think you
have hit on something, also.

While I was exposed to Unix in college most of my early professional
work was on PC's with some AS/400 work mixed in. But very early on I
got disillusioned with Dos/windoze and started looking at alternatives.
I ordered and installed 386BSD from Dr. Dobbs and when the Linux
distros started showing up, I bought them and tried them and watched
them grow and mature. And on my PC's and network I was root when I
wanted to be. And if I messed something up, I got to reinstall what I
had broken. So, when I got to do Linux as a professional, the
transition from the windows way of doing things to Unix/Linux was a
breeze. In fact it was natural. But for a windows user suddenly thrust
into Linux/Unix it must be a bit constraining.

What would you suggest as a way of gradually moving windows users into
a Linux/Unix network? I've used VMWare and have suggested it as a way
to have windows users run their OS without allowing them complete
control of a machine, but it seems a bit like overkill.

Old guy

We're only as old as our kids tell us we are...


Andy C.(never #)


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