Re: Weird situation

s. keeling wrote:
Matt Hayden <>:
Matt Hayden wrote:


First, thanks for your replies. You confirm my concerns. But, wait,
there's more:

I noticed on one of the production boxes that there were quite a few
"hidden" perl scripts(period first character in file name) and these
boxes have partions that are mounted to windows machines via NFS. I
asked one of the brain trust why they were doing that when a windows
user can see those files because a period in the first position of the
file name doesn't mean anything to windows explorer. The answer was
along the lines that when someone ftp's into those boxes, they don't
want them to see those scripts and accidentally run them. I blurted out
"do you know what chroot does?" and then I said "Wait a minute, are you
talking about regular old ftp?" and he said "Yeah." with a "so what"
kind of voice. I walked away. Now, I think I need to be looking for
another job.

Thanks again,

Andy C.(never #)


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