Re: proxy to restrict the client systems from downloading anything from internet

hi chris,
thanks for your reply.though i couldn't find an answer i
understood the complication in this from your reply.if you come to know
about that please do post it.
Chris Cox wrote:
smart wrote:
hi,im new to system admin.can anyone tell me what proxy can i use to
restrict my client systems from downloading anything from internet.i
need this because my management wants to speedup the internet by
restricting the users from downloading anything from internet.but it
should not restrict them from browsing or surfing.

I'm sorry, but there is NO difference (protocol wise). When you
surf, you are effectively downloading the web page. Many sites
now prefer http protcol for their downloads.

With that said, there might be some kind of QoS tweak that
could be used (might not prevent, but might make the
network more responsive). Anybody else have a good idea on this one?


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