Re: Somebody is keep trying to ssh into my systems, how can I stop that?

John Thompson <john@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> (06-08-09 03:05:41):

OpenSSH is part of OpenBSD, but it also runs on Linux. It is the
same code. Since the advisories of OpenBSD's OpenSSH apply to
_every_ operating system, on which this code runs, this also applies
to Linux -- fully!

It's not *exactly* the same code -- linux and the other non-OpenBSD
platforms use the "portable OpenSSH" code base, where OpenBSD uses its
native codebase.

From the OpenSSH web page:

OpenSSH is developed by two teams. One team does strictly
OpenBSD-based development, aiming to produce code that is as clean,
simple, and secure as possible. We believe that simplicity without
the portability "goop" allows for better code quality control and
easier review. The other team then takes the clean version and makes
it portable (adding the "goop") to make it run on many operating
systems -- the so-called -p releases, ie "OpenSSH 4.3p2".

Oh well, that's something I didn't know. The developers should make a
not about this on their homepage, especially on the security page [1].