Re: Somebody is keep trying to ssh into my systems, how can I stop that?

left_coast <void@xxxxxxxx> (06-08-08 01:08:29):

How ever you rationalize your lies they are still LIES. How can I
believe your CLAIM that you do it for other people when you admit you

How can I believe the claim of a liar? Yeah, a liar saying I lie
there, but you can trust me here. GET REAL.

If I got a cent for every pair of contradicting statements from you, I'd
be a millionaire by now, and each time I've made a note about this, you
said, I were talking "BS", ...

Proving exactly NOTHING.

.... or ignored it at all, which is another example of what this proves.
Someone who ignores such oppositions silently, has "lost" a discussion,
and wants to hide that fact.

Now I'm really done with that topic.

Yes, you lost a LONG TIME AGO, That is on reason you resorted to
telling lies.

Still, a discussion seems to be a game for you.

But in future, please review your post before sending it out, so you
wouldn't have to reply to a single post five times.

If you don't like me responding so many times, don't post such
hilarious nonsens. When people post things as stupid as you have I
can't stop laughing about them. There are so many ways I can discredit
what you say I just have to share that laugh with everyone.

.... and make fun of yourself at the same time.

Well, all these are personal problems not belonging to, as you will agree.

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