Re: Somebody is keep trying to ssh into my systems, how can I stop that?

Ertugrul Soeylemez wrote:

killfiled now -- again.

Ahhh, yet another person that when losing an argument, insults, claims
victory on false pretenses and killfiles the person intruding on their
delusions. Killfiling and insulting the messager does not make the message

The fact to the matter is, in multylayer security, using one layer of
security to protect the weakness of another layer of security is a VALID
method of security. Anyone taking an HONEST look at the OpenSSH security
record would see the value of using portknocking as a layer to protect
against possible future bufferoverflows. Anyone taking an HONEST look at
OpenSSH would not need to use a list that hides openssh vulnerabilities in
a sea of unrelated vulnerabilities. Anyone taking an HONEST look at OpenSSH
would not need to engage in the hyperbole of accusing a person of saying
"security hazard" when they clearly have never even come close to doing so.
No, I don't need the likes of you reading what I have to say.

Still waiting for a rational answer from Bittwister to this:

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