Re: Somebody is keep trying to ssh into my systems, how can I stop that?

left_coast <void@xxxxxxxx> (06-08-06 17:19:20):

Get informed. OpenSSH is part of OpenBSD. The advisory list covers
_all_ OpenSSH security issues.

That IS my point. You can not determin the vulnerabilities of OpenSSH
by looking at ALL the vulnerabilities of BSD. IT is FLAWED LOGIC TO DO

Once more again, and I hope you get it this time: OpenSSH is part of
OpenBSD! Unlike Linux, OpenBSD is _not_ just a kernel. It is a full
operating system! If you read the change log of OpenSSH, you'll find
that the security-related bug-fixes there can be found on the advisory
list I mentioned, too.

My bet is you have lots of people telling you that your logic is

A lot of people do; or to be more exact: one.