Re: Locating Linux security tools

On 21.07.2006, ISStudent <sockangel@xxxxxxx> wrote:
I am currently working on my Information Security degree and I am
seeking some advice for a project we are working on. This project is
to teach us how hackers research, gain access to, and compromise a
system. We are to gather, install, and use in a lab setting various
security tools including; footprinting, scanning, and penetration
tools. We are also to install on the compromised system a rootkit,
backdoor, trojan, etc. We can use any "flavor" of Linux we choose for
the project and we need quite a variety of tools. I have researched
Remote Exploit's Auditor, Phlak, and Pentoo - all liveCD distributions.
Are there any other distributions that anyone would recommend that
would include most or all of these tools, or if not are there some
reliable sites I can visit to get some of the more "malicious" tools
without becoming a target myself? I have some experience with Linux
but I would still consider myself to be a newb.
And that's why are you looking for Linux distros instead of tools and

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