Re: Locating Linux security tools

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Quote text you're replying. Give some context. It's not Google's forum
or something.

I know that many distros have some tools built into them. I was
looking for one that may be a little more comprehensive, rather than
having to download and install many tools on my own.

Yes, you need to be a bit more specific. Which tools. Mandriva for example
has 4GB of stuff in their "main" repository, and another 8GB of stuff in
their contrib repository. Others are similar. There are are third party
repositories (, which have a number more of
GB of stuff. Of course the particualr thing you are looking for may not be
in that 20GB of stuff.

And you'll be switching distros back and forth each time you find new
tool, right? It's not Windows. You can _customize_ your system instead
of _changing_ if it doesn't fit you.

If I can save
myself sometime with a distro that has most and is not too difficult to
use, it would be helpful.

#define "not too difficult"
Is Debian difficult? Or maybe Slackware?

I can then just collect the others that I
need. The distros I listed above are some examples. I was wondering
if anyone knew of others or where I can collect some of the other
things i need like rootkits, backdoors, etc without having to go to a
bunch of hacker websites.

???? rootkits? backdoors? to what? This is not a windows newsgroup.

ROTFL. Try reading yourself. You want to be a hacker without doing much
work? Counting on that someone will do that work for you simply _giving_
you all necessary knowledge, tools and examples?

And what would you do with backdoor or rootkit if you have one?

If not I'll use any distro and collect them
on my own. I'm just looking for recommendations from anyone who may
some advice.

Advice on what?