Re: Somebody is keep trying to ssh into my systems, how can I stop that?

GS wrote:

I have my LAN setup with Broadband router, somebody is trying to ssh
into my systems, how can I stop that, Is it possible to drop the packet
at Network (at MAC level) level?. thanks.

Some have suggested changing ports, this is simply trying to hide from the
attackers. Someone scanning using ssh connects on a series of ports could
still easily find your port and your back in the same situation. Leaving
your port open and relying only on passwords and RSA stuff still leaves
your ssh port vulnerable to buffer overflow attacks from anywhere and
anyone on the internet.

The best strategy is, if you have no reason to ssh into your box, shut down
ssh completely (as well as any other servers, imap, pop, web, etc, that you
do not need to have running). If you do need to ssh in and do it from a few
known addresses, configure your firewall to allow connections from only
those addresses (yes the addresses can be faked but only in limited
circumstances). If you have to login from more random locations, consider
portknocking, which will open a port for an address if the right
combination comes from that address (now just watch the BS that will come
from people that don't understand portknocking).

Still waiting for a rational answer from Bittwister to this:

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