PLEASE Help, I Need A Crashed Disk HD Image/Forensics Data Recovery Tool, I am Desperate for HELP!!


I Really need some help finding a really good program that will take a
sector by sector image of a harddrive!! The OS on the drive is XP, I
can use Fedora or Windows Win2K/3K to run any of the apps suggested or

Ghost won't see the drive dd runs into errors; I need something that
will take an image regardless of any errors. The

Also what would be the best app to use to look at the image and pull
any good data? I've used a few live CDs that has that capability but
I'd like to find the best solution I can.

I am honestly desperate at this point!!

I've tried,

Insert Forensisics
Backtrack live cd
Ghost 7
Security auditor

All of these, except Ghost, can see the drive but hit bad sectors and
hangs. Is there a switch I'm missing?
The apps that do see the drive do not see partitions or data; they see
the whole drive so if I pull the image I cold possibly pull some data,
I Hope!!

If anything does someone know of a resource/webpage/Forums, etc. where
I might get a quick answer??

Thank you extremely much in advance!!