Re: need cheap firewall recommendation

Sak Wathanasin sez:
Todd and Margo Chester wrote:
Hi All,

I have a situation where a customer needs a cheap ($300.00-$400.00
appliance firewall. I tried the USR 8200, but it drove me nuts
trying to add custom rules (it asks things in a double negative
fashion and you can never tell what is incoming and what is
outgoing). And, it finally blew out its ROM (it can not be reset
to factory).

Does anyone have a recommendation for a replacement? One that
won't drive someone familiar with iptables crazy?

CyberGuard SG-series (nee SnapGear) runs Linux and iptables. There's a
web-baased front-end but you can add your own iptable rules. There are
various models and prices, starting with the SoHo-class SG-300.

However, read the small print very carefully before buying any
of those. We bought a NetScreen (their basic models start at ~$300,
too) and later discovered that without a support contract you're
allowed one firmware upgrade in the first 90 days.

So NetScreen is the one I don't recommend.

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