Re: Google Bobbles NSA wiretap searches

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This is getting scarier by the day. I think the President may want to
show that he has "the balls" to launch a pre-emptive nuclear strike
against Iran - for the improved security of freedom loving people, of

The president has made his intentions clear. By now, no one should doubt
His threats. We could not stop Him from invading Iraq. Now He doesn't
even let us have access to news, at least not the news that He thinks we
should not see. As Fat And Stupid and Arrogant and Complacent as we may
have become as US Americans, that's not even good enough for w. Now He is
feeding us only the pap that He thinks we should see. Watching the
nightly news has become an exercise in "How Dumb" and "How Numb" can we
(possibly) get(?). He does plan to start a "nukular" war (did i spell
that right, it's so hard to know). Make no mistake, He does plan to start
a "nukular" war. And soon. As far as I can see, we cannot stop Him. All
you people in the rest of the world had best be putting on your thinking
caps, the good ones, and right off quick. There is nothing else left for
us in the US to do but to BEG for your help to stop this scourge. I will
not advocate for the violent overthrow of the US government, because that
is a crime. But be mindful that if someone doesn't stop Him, He will do
just that (violent overthrow) in other countries. This government is all
set to fall to the ground under its own weight, overly taxing, overly
corrupt, bankrupt, oppressive, no support. Now they are finally facing
the release of the news that they are collecting *ALL* data transmitted in
the largest economy in the world.
But there will be no wrongdoing, of course. They are all altruistic
people. They were rich before. This all has nothing to do with them
being rich. Or powerful. And They will explain later how good nukular
war really is.

Best wishes from the rumble seat.

The driver has a knife in his (our) heart. Hang on!