Re: anyone interpret this line from netstat?

or look in any good TCP programming book - state 7 TCP_CLOSE

Michael Heiming wrote:
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Michael Heiming wrote:

A state of 7 isn't defined by the fine manual 'man netstat',
probably as there are no states in raw mode at all.

which intriques me further
why would netstat produce output of any kind for state if there is no
state in raw mode at all?

[x] read source code.

You just can't expect someone to know any line of any code
written for Linux.

See netstat source and/or debug if still curious about the "7".

man 7 raw

produces no entry,
but man raw was interesting reading!
thanks for the response

Glad to hear you could open the man page even if it doesn't seem
to be in man7 on your box.

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