pop3 through ssh tunneling

I've been looking around the net about how to setup my e-mail client so it
can grab my e-mail from my provider securely. My provider use pop3 and i
just want to know how to encrypt the communication between my machine and
the pop3 server. I've been trying to forwarding the pop3 port to localhost
but it wouldnt works, it seems that the pop server doesnt have ssh server



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    ... When I configure my POP3 account ... Try the following to see that you can actually reach their mail server ... Up the timeout setting in your e-mail client. ... then try connecting to the off-domain SMTP server, ...
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    ... Because of Gmail's inability to fix their POP3 bugs, ... As noted, if you ONLY use one e-mail client to poll for messages and you ALWAYS download the messages then their POP3 host works okay. ... Gmail demands that you use SSL when connecting to their POP3 host. ... Spam filtering has been very good but then I don't use my Gmail accounts as my primary accounts to know how often there are false positives. ...
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    ... likewise Evolution when it is used as an e-mail client connected ... So is there any reason why a web browser won't do? ... But you'll find that if you set up a direct POP3 account, since then you'll need to hit Gmail every time you want to look at each message. ... And if you want to download messages from Gmail's POP3 mailbox, and page through it locally, this is no different than what Thunderbird, and every other traditional mail client does. ...
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    ... remote pop3 which is hosted by Burst Data in Philadelphia. ... server from an outside connection. ... Logon to one of the client workstations in the SBS network. ... = e = Restart the Microsoft Connector for POP3 Mailboxes. ...