Re: secure a directory

Ertugrul Soeylemez <never@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

There are several choices. Slawomir Kawala has already mentioned the
dmcrypt approach, with which you can encrypt an entire partition
(e.g. your /home partition). This is the most secure approach, and has
the additional benefit that _all_ your data gets encrypted. You need to
give the encryption passphrase/key when mounting /home. I do this at
boot time.

What is the situation once /home is mounted? It appears like any
other /home or what. How does data read or written work as compared
to any other time?

For encrypting single files, you may be interested in OpenSSL (which is
preinstalled in Gentoo systems). It comes with a command-line utility,

Thanks for the SSL tips and command too. I'm guessing a user could
tar a directory and encrypt that file. It would mean an additional
untarring but with a small directory that would be nearly

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