Re: telnet to ssh (port 22)

Carlos Moreno <moreno_at_mochima_dot_com@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> >> SSH is not a Telnet protocol.  As such, you will never have success
> >> using Telnet for an SSH service.
> telnet (the application) is a *universal tcp client*, and as such,
> it can succesfully establish a "raw" connection to any server, any
> service (provided that it is tcp-based).
> Whether or not the user is able to transmit the right data and
> interpret the incoming data for the connection to be maintained,
> that's a different story.


"Sure, Bob, you /can/ telnet to port 22, but as we use DSA & Blowfish,
you've gotta be *real good* at mental arithmetic for it to work"

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