Re: can't ls in vsftpd (chroot)

On 31 Jan 2006 00:12:29 GMT, Unruh <unruh-spam@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

>DC <> writes:
>>I have vsftpd installed on RHEL3.
>>I had to build it from a Fedora Core 4 SRPM as Redhat's one didn't have SSL support.
>>Anyway, I have it installed, and have one username setup.
>>When they log in they are chrooted to a directory that I made for them.
>>Transfers work fine both ways.
>chroot means chroot. NOTHING is available from outside the change root jail
>Thus ls, and all libraries needed by ls MUST be in that chroot jail.
>Eg, your directory is /home/ftp, then you MUST have a /home/ftp/bin
>directory which contains ls, and MUST have a /home/ftp/lib directory which
>contains ALL of the libraries required by ls (or whatever other command you
>might want to use).
>>However, I cannot run ls. Programs like FileZilla hang right after connecting at the "LIST" command.
>>In the chroot directory i made a bin and lib directory.
>>I copied ls into bin, and ran ldd to find what libraries i need.
>>>From a shell i chrooted to the directory and i can run ls with no problem.
>>>From a shell I can su to the ftpuser, cd to the ~ftpuser/bin directory and run ls with no problem.
>>>From FTP,I still cannot run ls. Any ideas?????

I just said that.

in the /home/ftp I created a /bin and /lib.
copied ls into /home/ftp/bin
ran ldd against ls.
copied all the libs it listed into /home/ftp/lib/

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