Re: IP ranges used in North America, Hawaii, and Alaska?

On Thu, 19 Jan 2006 00:26:47 -0600, spm wrote:

I have been trying to capture the flag on this IANA reserved IP issue.



If the issue you described is what it seems, I feel it is critically
important that the mechanism be publicly known. Your continuing progress
reports to this forum would best serve that purpose, and I ask you to
continue to advise us of your progress here.

I'll attempt to forward a copy of this request to you by e-mail, and if it
succeeds you will have my return address. In that event, you are invited
to mail directly any questions, and I will assist in discretely resolving
the issues to your satisfaction. Else, the invitation still stands and I
will post an address here that you may use to contact me directly. Either
way, please do stay in contact.


> Thanks for any clues ... don't know what to believe anymore ...


Please respond. Thank you.