Re: IP ranges used in North America, Hawaii, and Alaska?

I have been trying to capture the flag on this IANA reserved IP issue. At
first, I was immediately suspicious. Blocked the IPs right away. Machine
went into a fugue state ... it would take a full minute for a browser window
to open. Then, it would time out and go nowhere.

the IPs in grave doubt were establishing connections with recently upgraded
software I own. So, I went to the website of the vendor and requested
customer support. I got this e-mail [heavily redacted to protect, I hope,
the innocent] back from Tech Support:

Hello xxx,
Thank you for contacting xxxxxx Technical Support.

I understand that you are concerned about the IP addresses xxxxxxx
is connecting to. I apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may be
causing you.

Both of these IP addresses are legitimate. They belong to our servers
which provide information on xxx xxxxx in <appname>, as well
as various xxxx for the xxxxxxxx.

If my answer did not resolve your issue, or you would like further
assistance on this issue, please reply to this email. By replying and
the subject line intact, your response will come directly to me. If you have
a separate issue you would like assistance with, please submit a new
request using the website at xxxxxxxx [URL deleted]

Thank you for choosing xxxxxxxxx xxxx xxxxxx!

[First Name]
Technical Support
[Company Name]

If this was not a legitimate response from a legitimate website, which
certainly _looked_ like the real website, then ... this is the most
sophisticated op I
have seen yet.

That one line, though, made a ping go off: ' ... please reply to this email.
By replying and leaving the subject line intact, your response will come
directly to me.'

I have never had a Tech Support response that said to 'come directly to me.'

Am I comped beyond repair or is it possible that, in order to avoid ARP
cache poisoning, maybe some legitimate vendors are hiding their servers?
I would keep this quiet ... but I feel all earthy and damp ... like I might
be a mushroom if I turn around too quick ...

Are you guys absolutely certain that _all_ IANA reserved traffic is bogus?

Thanks for any clues ... don't know what to believe anymore ... and another
thing ... how come the default setting for encoding is now Western European
ISO ... with US or United States or North America or US English or whatever
it used to be no longer listed? Things are mighty strange these days ...