Re: Guarddog blocking packets in the same zone

On Mon, 12 Dec 2005 07:07:51 -0800, Todd wrote:

> The Linksys is plugged in behind the Linux box into one of the ports on
> my switch. It is assigned a NATed address on the 0.0 network. The
> wireless network on the Linksys is 1.0:
> Internet---->Cable modem-->Linux box-->16 port switch-->Linksys
> It's not a routing issue as from the Linux box I can access both
> networks. I can access the Linux box from the wireless network. I just
> can access the LAN from the WIRELESS and vice versa with Guarddog on.
> When I turn off the firewall everything works 100% as it should. Since
> the Linksys is connected to the same switch as the LAN PC's, one would
> think it should work but since they are on different networks, the
> packets must be routed via the Linux box and I think that is where
> Guarddog is having a problem.
> I may be 100% incorrect here though...

Well seeing how you are using for the LAN and for the Wireless and they are all connected to the switch
that might be the issue. Why don't you just place everything on the subnet and I'm sure your problems will go away. Use the
upper addresses for the wireless and the lower one for the LAN

You are using 2 different subnets and they are trying to go through a
router to get to one another. Guarddog most likely doesn't do any
routing from to and that is why when Guarddog is
up traffic doesn't pass.

Since I don't know what type of Linksys router you are using I can
only guess. Which port on the Linksys are you connecting to the switch?
The wan port or a normal switch port? If the WAN port then all routing
between and is done on the Linksys box and the
linux box shouldn't matter. If a normal switch port then routing is being
done by the linux box.



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