Re: Guarddog blocking packets in the same zone

The Linksys is plugged in behind the Linux box into one of the ports on
my switch. It is assigned a NATed address on the 0.0 network. The
wireless network on the Linksys is 1.0:

Internet---->Cable modem-->Linux box-->16 port switch-->Linksys

It's not a routing issue as from the Linux box I can access both
networks. I can access the Linux box from the wireless network. I just
can access the LAN from the WIRELESS and vice versa with Guarddog on.
When I turn off the firewall everything works 100% as it should. Since
the Linksys is connected to the same switch as the LAN PC's, one would
think it should work but since they are on different networks, the
packets must be routed via the Linux box and I think that is where
Guarddog is having a problem.

I may be 100% incorrect here though...