Re: overcome NIS

Stachu 'Dozzie' K. wrote:
On 04.12.2005, Menno Duursma <menno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Sun, 04 Dec 2005 00:54:03 +0000, Stachu 'Dozzie' K. wrote:

On 03.12.2005, Menno Duursma <menno@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

On Sat, 03 Dec 2005 22:05:08 +0000, John Thompson wrote:

Do you really let in laptops into your internal network?

Well the only network i own is my home LAN and yes i have a laptop.

Or maybe you connect with bridge/switch wireless network with stationary

Wouldn't this effectively make it /one/ network above the media level?

This _is_ serious design flaw.


We're talking about networks where NIS can do some work, that is
networks requiring some directory services, aren't we? Otherwise NIS is
unnecessary service and leaving it running is exactly the same "good"
idea as leaving Samba, Apache or any other useless service (providing
it's useless in particular case).

So now we now that you don't let laptops in.

On other networks then mensioned above: i have no say in such things, above and beyond consultancy. But assume it possible and in most places not even far fetched ...

Which other systems can "they" posses? Your desktop systems?

Probably: given some effort.

Then the system admin failed.

But they need not even try that (just
crosslink a laptop to one desktop systems NIC, fail a login on it
logging results on the laptop, spoof thier settings to those and connect
it to the network - and this is when they'd even care for going undetected.)

As I said, there're no laptops. Laptops are left at the entrance.
Netadmin should provide clear and forcable policy.

I for one can't see how this will make a significant difference given access to desktops on the network. Memory sticks and floppy disks quite concealable. If you are administering a network where you have users you can't trust you need added layers of protection or alternative setups.

Do you give to workstation user root access to that workstation?

What's with all the personal questions? Thier irrelevant to the discussion as far as i'm concerned.

Right. I've taken you on my sight just because it's easier to me to form
a sentence (at the language level; I don't speak English natively).

Neither does Menno. It's not my native language either. I didn't see the questions as particularly personal though just a way of asking opinion.

Nothing personal. I apologize if you feel offended.

I don't think so.

In providing NIS services one iplicitly trusts this to be so. Other
systems, providing similar functionality, take into account the
alternative possibility could conceivably be the case, if only for a small
timeframe. Protecting assets even from legit users with local root access
on client machines (say tech support admins.)

Serving root through any directory service isn't too smart, I think.
One might try to intercept messages exchanged in authentication
procedure and crack root password offline. I can hardly imagine the
situation _requiring_ serving root account through DS.

Can you explain then, how your user could get administrative rights?

Read above (ofcource there are more ways to skim a cat, use your imagination.) You can tunnel/wrap/firewall/whatever sure, that's not my point. Point though is: NIS doesn't savely account for the possibility...

Of course it doesn't. It wasn't designed to address these possibilities
(NIS+ reportedly was, but there's no NIS+ servers for Linux out there).
It's just its property. But it is not a security flaw itself. The flaw
is not to take this NIS property into an account. I suppose both of us
can agree with that.


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