Re: Wish list

Newsbox wrote:

>>> I just didn't know what else to call it and this seemed descriptive.

You state that you don't even know what it should be called.

>> And that is why I told you to do some RESEARCH. Here, by your own
>> admission you do not know enough about firewalls to use them
>> effectively.
> No, you lost me there, matt_left_coast. Show me please where you think I
> "admitted" any such thing.

If you don't know what it should be called, how can you know enough to use
it effectively?

This is simple stuff, if you don't even know what a device as complex as a
firewall should be called Then you don't know enough to use it
effectively. Then you need to do some research on what a firewall is, what
kinds of firewalls do and what they do not do. Once you do that, you will
begin to understand what is required to do all the stuff you requested in
your OP. You keep asking for a "thing" that will do it all for you, well
others and I have told you, repeatedly, it does not exist. There is no box,
no matter what you call it that does everything you ask, it is IMPOSSIBLE.
I have stated that before.

As stated before, do do everything you ask in the OP you MUST do your
research on ALL ASPECTS of security. Even if you spend the equivalent of a
full time job, you can not expect to do everything on your list.

You can not expect to do everything on your list with a server regardless of
it being called a firewall or anything else. To do all on your list YOU
and YOU need to track it down. There are legal agencies that have many full
time people tracking the issues you list.