Re: md5 collision

matt_left_coast <not@xxxxxxxxxx> writes:

>Unruh wrote:

>> The two files differ only in something like 6 bytes in a garbage area that
>> is NOT displayed by the postscript interpreter except for the part that
>> chooses the first or second block of text to display.

>Then what would be the point? To be able to be effective, it would need to
>substantively change the document is a way that does not look like
>gibberish. In short, if someone wanted to commit fraud with this they would
>have to be able to change something like $60,000 to $6,000 or something
>else subsnative that MAKES SENSE. Since you have already stated that the
>creation of the two files would require RANDOM elements, it is doubtfull
>that this would be effective. It is doubtfull that a random element would
>effect the changes that a criminal would want. Infact, the random evidence
>would really only serve as evidence of this type of "attack" with no real
>way to make the attack effective.

Have you looked at those two files? Please do so before you spout off.