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Ther are a few other services which are equaaly insecure like nfs for

So? That does not make NIS SECURE. The OP was asking about NIS being
secure, not about securing the whole system.

which should aslo not run a network but then again we can
always install a firewall.

Learn about security and who the treats are. In large organizations, a
great deal of the hacking comes from INSIDE the firewall. Still,, the OP
was asking if NIS was secure, your suggestion that a firewall is needed
proves that even you do not think that NIS is secure, that it needs
something else to be secure.

What is your point? It's not designed to be secure except in a secure (firewalled) environment.

That IS the point. Read the OP, he says he can not fine any security

Where is the word "security" in his post.

it is IMPLIED with the word "hole".


Now cut a hole in a piece of paper and then tell me how 'security is implied in the word 'hole' having done that cut a hole in the hole.

Should be a simple excercise for an ego such as yours.

It doesn't have any security holes fool

Since you reffer to "holes" as an security issue, why did you ask the stupid
question above.

You referred to security holes or issues in your first post on this thread. The thing is not secure and it's no secret so it's simply idiotic to talk about holes in it.

If the whole truth be known I interpreted the original post as a sarcastic comment I might have been wrong about that but what I'm not wrong about is that you are egotistical and rude.

- it's simply not secure and

How is that not a hole? In other words, if it is not secure, it has a
security hole. In this case it is the fact that NIS was designed at a time
when may security issues of today did not exist. NIS (as Yellow Pages) was
designed before the masses got PC's and before companies were routinely
connected to the internet. I know you are not that swift, but do you get it
yet? The hole is that it is outdated and can not function safely in today's

that's no secret it is designed to run behind a firewall.

Eh? show some proof that it was designed SPECIFICALLY to run behind a

It's not designed to run without one and that is logically equivalent.

NIS has been around for a LONG time, I was using it well before
companies connected to the internet.

Sorry I do not believe you are that old.