Re: Change from ipchains to iptables

From: Doug Holtz NOSPAM in adress (
Date: 11/16/05

Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2005 02:36:18 GMT

"Newsbox" <nospam_for_me_please@thanks.invalid> wrote in message
> On Thu, 10 Nov 2005 14:33:23 +0000, Doug Holtz NOSPAM in adress wrote:
>> Thanks for the update. When I ran rpm -e ipchains I get a notice that it
>> depends on lokkit and can't continue.
>> I ran sysconfig --list and see ipchains and iptables.
>> Maybe I will learn something as I sift thru inittab, etc.
>> Doug
> Doug,
> If your ipchains depends on lokit then you probably need to disable lokit
> before you can disable ipchains (although I suppose it might be possible
> to _disable_ ipchains without bothering with lokit, IDK). Not sure if
> lokit will show up in chkconfig or not, as I never used it. You _do_ need
> to disable ipchains before you can enable iptables. Those two things would
> normally be best and most easily done with chkconfig. You really do not
> _need_ _to_ erase anything from the disk so long as the scripts are
> pointed at the right places.
> Depending on your network connection and your firewall rules, you may need
> to have your network (PPPoE and DHCP?) up before your NETFILTER iptables
> script can run. Many scripts will need to know the IP address before they
> will run. Going through the init stuff manually is a real pain and you're
> better off to use the provided utilities if they will do what you need.
> They (chkconfig especially) were written for good reasons.


I run chkconfig | more to see what is there. I see ipchains and iptables
but no lokkit. There is a list of 6 on/off switches associated with each
program that runs.

How do I deal with that? Ran man sysconfig for some explanation but I don't
get it.