Re: Looking for tool to scan / block IPs

From: Chris Cox (
Date: 10/19/05

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    Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 18:19:59 -0500

    Unruh wrote:
    > David Topper <> writes:
    >>I'm looking for a tool to check for unsuccessful logins, when if found
    >>will block further attempts from said IP. There's gotta be a tool, no?
    > Since you and all your users will at times make mistakes in typing the
    > password this would eventually block out all legitimate users.

    I just got done dealing with my web hosting provider who did this
    very thing (sigh). Better and perhaps implied by the OP is to
    possibly put a timed lockout on the IP. I believe this is how
    my hosting provider does things now.

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