Re: Rename root to avoid hacking?

From: Unruh (
Date: 09/23/05

Date: 23 Sep 2005 16:55:34 GMT

"Roger Parks" <> writes:

>Rick Moen wrote:
>> Unruh <> wrote:
>> > Rick Moen <> writes:
>> >
>> >>>>> This might work because the root password is typically very weak (we
>> >>>>> all do it on purpose, so as to allow easy logons and quick su/sudo.)
>> >>>>> (i.e. it is not 25 upper and lower case letters, characters and
>> >>>>> numbers)
>> >
>> > WHAT??? On NO system where the sysadmin has the least particle of security
>> > sense would this be true. You do NOT use a weak root password. You use a
>> > strong one. That in itself discourages you from becoming root, which you
>> > should only reserve for special occasions anyway. If you really want to use
>> > ssh with rsa/dsa authentication from the user to root.
>> Please be careful about your attributions. I did not write the
>> above-cited text.

Yes, you are right. The level of >>..> should be a hint.
But sorry.

>He did not..... I confess. And I had in mind my


And I hope, one NOT connected to the net in anyway. Using a weak password
on any system connected to the net is a bad idea.

>and not a professional, commercial, or multi-user computer.

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