Re: Use iptables to block all non-US ssh traffic

From: matt_left_coast (
Date: 09/17/05

Date: Sat, 17 Sep 2005 10:39:46 -0700

base60 wrote:

> matt_left_coast who likes to spend his downtime taking long soulful
> walks on the beach with his longtime male canine companion wrote:
> >
>> base60 wrote:
>>>matt_left_coast the binky boy who has taken it from behind far too many
>>>times to be trying to pass himself off as bi wrote:
>>>>base60 wrote:
>>>>>matt_left_coast-the-binky-boy wrote:
>>>>>>base60 wrote:
>>>Ignored again.
>> Of course you ignore it, if you did not, you would have to admit you are
>> wrong.
> LOL... "I know you are but what am I?"

Nope, I have shown where you are in error, while you have failed to show how
your methodology would find WHERE the final assignees of an IP address

Again, I am deeply sorry that you can not understand the difference between

> You're being ignored and ridiculed because you've made several factual
> and logical blunders and you're compounding your errors with blind-em-
> with-bullshit followups.

Again, nothing FACTUAL.

> People would take you more seriously if you learned how to follow
> a conversation and lost a bit of the 'tude.

Again, insults with NOTHING FACTUAL.

> As it is, you're just another \_@m3? with a keyboard.

Again, nothing FACTUAL.

> Thanks for the morning entertainment, though.

More insults but nothing FACTUAL.

Again, I have SHOWN that ARIN has issued the 12.x.x.x block to AT&T IN THE
USA. I have also shown that despite issuing of the address to a USA entity,
AT&T has deployed the address in contries OTHER than the USA. Since your
methodology does NOT even consider ARIN (by your own admission), you method
would NOT block the Canadian or New Zealand address in the 12.x.x.x block.
It also would not identify were the rest of the 12.x.x.x block was
deployed. Clearly, your methodlogy fails to reliably block IP addresses
from outside the USA. You have failed to show how your methodology would
find these addresses AND all the other addresses in the 12.x.x.x block and
WHERE they are _DEPLOYED_.

All your childish insults and ignoring of facts will not change the facts.


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