New(?) idea for free open source development:: Graphical mouse login and authentification system

From: Ingvald Straume (from Norway - Europe) (
Date: 08/07/05

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    Date: 7 Aug 2005 13:39:17 -0700


    I'm a 32 years old novice to average programmer, and I have an idea
    which I believe to be fairly good: An authentification system to
    replace the old fashion password authentification method. The general
    idea is that a user - using the computer mouse - draws his/her
    signature onto a canvas on the login screen. The login program records,
    from millisecond to millisecond, the mouse motions and the curve drawn
    on the canvas by the user. Then the program compares the curve with an
    already stored pattern which has been preadapted to match the authentic
    users graphical mouse signature.

    I believe that this method will have some advantages compared to the
    traditional password security system:

    1) A graphical mouse login and authentification system is safe: Even if
    an intruder knows what the true user's signature looks like, he won't
    be able to reproduce it, because that requires that the signature is
    drawn in the true user's individual style and timing.

    2) Users will no longer need to remember passwords.

    A couple of years ago I wrote a demo-version ("beta 0.01 release") of
    the program. (Unfortunately It's in MS Visual Basic, because that was
    the tool available to me at the time of writing.) I will be happy to
    submit both the program and the source code, if anyone might be
    interested in discussing or colaborating on the idea.

    Ingvald Straume
    Norway, Europe

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