Re: newbie needs help with iptables basics (please)

From: Roger Parks (
Date: 07/23/05

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    Date: 22 Jul 2005 15:02:25 -0700

    Proteus wrote:
    > I could really use some help setting up a basic firewall using iptables. Yes

    learning iptables is admirable..........

    but consider a firewall "script" first.

    It'll allow you to protect yourself instantly, and at the same time
    allow you to create and understand progressively more comprehensive

    Lots of scripts around that produce pretty displays (e.g. firestarter),
    but questionable firewalls.

    Firehol, imho, is very sound and extremely powerful, quick to use, and
    will aid you in learning iptables/netfilter. Once you learn it, you may
    well decide that you don't want to fool with iptables.

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