Re: Recompiling the kernel

From: jayjwa (
Date: 07/12/05

Date: Tue, 12 Jul 2005 09:02:39 -0000

> On Mon, 11 Jul 2005 03:46:05 -0700, jzz wrote:
>> error occurs at 'make modules'

> error occurs at "help newbie"


Umm... bad header? What distro are you using? That's an old kernel. Why not
use a recent one, with recent tools? I compile my kernels for both my
machines, with Netfilter patches, and have been successful so far, so I know
they do build correctly. There was one issue with the 2.4.31 kernel and 2.16.*
binutils (as, specifically, involving segments went translating assembler
directives), but that's not what is happening here. Usually the first few
lines of the error messages are what's important. The rest results from what
happend there. Check the locations in the headers that the compiler is
complaining about and try to figure out why it might do that. Common things
are missing files, old headers/incomplete headers, -D defines not being set
correctly, etc... If all else fails, you might have to leave off compiling the
module that is generating the error, if possible. Reconfigure and de-select
it, then make a clean recompile. See if that clears up anything. It's hard to
know without sitting down at your machine, or you showing some specifics.

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