PermitRootLogin (was: Re: Tightening SSH access)

From: Carlos Moreno (
Date: 07/09/05

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    Date: Sat, 09 Jul 2005 11:50:19 -0400

    I just tried configuring one of the servers to disallow root login.

    One problem/weakness I noticed is that even though the login is
    ultimately refused, typing the correct password and typing an
    incorrect password produce different behaviours.

    This is indeed a weakness, I believe, as it discloses the fact that
    you got the correct password (I know that guessing the root password
    should be extremely unlikely, but these are the odds that they're
    playing when brute-forcely attempting to login as root, right?)

    IMHO, if the server must wait until the time to refuse login, then
    it should refuse it in the exact same way. A better solution, of
    course, would be that as soon as root is entered as user name, it
    should immediately close the connection (without even saying
    goodbye). This could be done for the special case of root (but
    perhaps not for the other users, as that would allow attackers to
    know when they got a correct username).

    Comments? (time to write to the OpenSSH guys with this feature
    request? Or has this been addressed in the past?)

    Thanks! And thanks to all that have replied so far!



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