Re: spyware/malware and linux?

From: Protagoras (
Date: 07/01/05

Date: Fri, 01 Jul 2005 15:02:44 -0500

Bit Twister wrote:
> 3 digit code?? Sounds like you received email asking you to verify your
> account. That is a phishing attack and no OS can protect you from
> yourself...

It is pretty common for online merchants to ask/require the 3 or 4 digit
secuirty code (CID?) that is on the back of a credit card for completing
transactions. But now I am very hesitant-- I might just have to opt for
payment some other method, like PayPal, or a check, or money order. Not
really sure what to do; depressing how insecure credit card payment is--
odds are it is a dishonest criminal employee at online merchants, or pehaps
just an online cracker, getting access to credit card info to use for
criminal activity with credit card info.