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From: Michael Heiming (
Date: 06/15/05

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    Date: Wed, 15 Jun 2005 00:51:26 +0200

    In notbob <>:
    > On 2005-06-14, Michael Heiming <> wrote:

    >> what I saw how google works, it's virtually impossible for it to
    >> go down...

    > Unfortunately, "virtually impossible" is not the same as absolutely
    > impossible. I've seen it down several times in the last year. And
    > when I say down, I mean unreachable, as in I can get any other
    > websites, but not google. Google is not infallible.

    Haven't seen this in ages while using it often, today it looks
    like the dns round robin over only two IPs, but we can guess
    there's far more behind it. Suspect the real problem at your ISP
    routing packets to the google server farm(s) or so.

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