Re: Non-hard drive partitions on locked down server?

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Date: 03/08/05

Date: Tue, 08 Mar 2005 02:37:26 -0500

On Tue, 08 Mar 2005 06:11:56 +0000, Jem Berkes wrote:

>>> Or any other ideas for how to do persistent r/w storage without using
>>> a hard drive? I also don't have any network storage, must be local.
>> Have you considered something like a Zip drive? It'll be dog-slow, but
>> you said you don't really need speed. (I'm assuming that a floppy will
>> be too small; if not, you could use that, maybe with a minix or FAT
>> fs.)
>> In a worst-case scenario, a Zip disk can be ejected from the drive,
>> which may or may not be a feature for your setup.
> Zip sounds like another possibility, then. I don't have any experience
> with the devices personally. Do they tend to be resistant to corruption?
> For instance, I really wouldn't trust a floppy disk for r/w over long
> periods -- add to that the possibility of abrupt power loss. Do Zip
> drives tend to corrupt data in such situations?

I spent several hundred dollars on Iomega hardware, software and media,
all for windoze platforms. Includes Zip and tape drives. None was ever
really 100% satisfactory in any long-term sense. Could have been (might
have been) all my fault, but anecdotal accounts tell that I have not been
alone in these experiences. It was due to software faults and
incompatibilities. The stuff that I recorded was not reliably

The link above goes to (new) Linux support that was not available the last
time that I used any of their products (a long time ago). This may give
better results than I experienced. Their Linux products may be far better
than the windoze junk that I struggled with, and if it works for you then
more power to you. I have hardware to sell you cheap. e-mail me at wtnsp
pghmail com if you want to buy it all. _I'll_ _*never*_ spend another
minute trying to make it work for me.

The hardware and the media were OK I think(, but you might want to read on this.). The windoze software was junk, crap and puke from the
start and it was worse than a scam because I entrusted my data to it/them.
And I lost my data and my money. Send me address and offer and shipping
costs for a zip drive and a tape drive (software included if I can find
it) including any attached cables and docs that I can find. Ask for more
details as you wish.

Price it out and make an offer. Media will go into the fire, thank you.
If your offer doesn't inspire me the hardware will go into the fire, too.
I don't have room in my short life for junk, junk and more junk.

" --
Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. "

The hardware works OK, but I'll never use it again. You can have it if
you want it.

Best wishes.

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