Re: IPtables web interface?? / Life with a dynamic ip...

From: Aussie Fred (
Date: 02/17/05

Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 00:05:25 GMT wrote:

> I ssh to my works' webservers. However, I have a dynamic ip at home and
> have to constantly add my new ip address to the iptables. Is there a
> easy way around this, or is there some sort of backend webscript out
> there for adding ip via a web interface? Any direction or help is
> appriciated.
> Thanks in advance,
> Josh

Get yourself an account with a dynamic IP/hostname service for your home
account (eg dyndns) [] and set up your home
system so it updates the service when the IP is changed

On the work computer run a cron job every 10 minutes to check the IP for . If it has changed re-run iptables with the
new IP address.