Re: Defunct Windows PDC

From: Bryan Brock (
Date: 12/27/04

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    Date: 27 Dec 2004 11:37:02 -0800

    > We are currently replacing our Windows server with a Slackware

    SAMBA is part of the Slackware software that you installed on your new
    Slackware server.

    > Under the old setup Win2K clients would login and authenticate
    against the
    > Win2K Server, from here I could control access etc.

    If the old Windows server was acting as a domain controller, you can
    use the following to setup your Slackware server to act as the new
    Domain Controller.

    > Now the Windows Server has gone can clients still login and have
    > access to the LAN or do the clients need to be Linux too ?

    Yes they can login and have restricted access, and no they do not need
    to be Linux.

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