Re: MSN crash

From: Nobody (
Date: 12/23/04

Date: Thu, 23 Dec 2004 20:45:18 GMT

On Wed, 22 Dec 2004 15:40:37 +0000, l0n3_w012ph wrote:

> Hello,
> yesterday I posted a message about ethereal (thanks again to everyone who
> responded). The reason I wanted to see the traffic that flows through my
> router is this:

I don't know how to monitor the traffic but I suggest you install some
linux distro, then download or to get all her msn fun. I have an older
p2-333 w/384 mb ram on a 3.2 gb HD on RedHat 7.3 that my kids use. It's
behind a router. The kids like AMSN cause it looks very close to MSN but
with all the linux security (no virus/spyware/trojan). I know it's an old
distro BUT it's behind a firewall and I have
installed and all ports are closed.
Good luck and Seasons Greetings!