Re: Problems with accessing a RedHat Linux 7.2 from outside

From: Andrei Ivanov (
Date: 11/08/04

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    Date: 8 Nov 2004 21:07:31 GMT

    Liviu Tudor <> wrote:
    > Thanks for the reply! I've tried what you said and I still get the
    > same result -- cannot ssh/telnet/ftp etc. :( And still, every time I
    > re/start xinetd I get the same lines in /var/log/messages about
    > "service disabled, removing" :O

    SSH: run "chkconfig --list sshd" to find out whether sshd is configured
    to run as daemon. For other services, served by xinetd daemon, check
    whether you have "disable = no" in the corresponding /etc/xinetd.d/*
    files. And from your replies I did not understand whether you see
    desired services in the output of "netstat -anp" command, or not.
    Same about "iptables -L -n".


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