Re: Microsoft spam solution turned down by IETF - is there a Linux/open source alternative?

From: Cameron L. Spitzer (
Date: 09/19/04

Date: 19 Sep 2004 17:26:02 GMT

In article <2Ai3d.4519$>, John Doe wrote:
> Sender ID got turned down by both the IETF and Time Warner/AOL as a way to
> solve the spam problem. The issue has apparently nothing to do with the
> technical merits of MSFT's solution, but rather, with concerns of these
> parties and the open source community that MSFT would somehow use this to
> get some sort of leverage, based on past MSFT's business practices.

Of course. M~FT needs to replace the public SMTP email system
with something that hinders its competition and generates a revenue stream.
Adding a patented feature does exactly that.

> Here's a take on the subject from TF:
> Question: is there something being developed on this front by any Linux
> vendor or third-pary open source developer? I imagine the answer is "yes",

Sender Policy Framework


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