Re: Do you use HOSTS file ?

From: Gary Petersen (
Date: 07/28/04

Date: Wed, 28 Jul 2004 02:15:32 GMT

T'was like the singing of the angels themselves when Craig Macbride said:

> [...]
>>Stickman answered me : "Unfortunately, using the hosts file to block
>>unwanted content is terribly inefficient."
>>Why is that ?
> A number of reasons:
> * You have to list every host separately, an impossibly long task.
> * If your local machine doesn't run a web server, the references to
> will take ages to time out, quite possibly taking longer
> than just loading the ad banners in the first place!

Untrue. I have a hosts file installed, and connections to localhost
fail immediately.

> [...]
> * If your local machine does run a web server, pages may not display
> nicely with missing parts.
> [...]

They display very nicely and much more quickly with the ads missing.


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