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From: jack (
Date: 07/08/04

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    Date: Thu, 08 Jul 2004 01:36:22 +0200

    Shabam wrote:

    > My /var partition has plenty of space left. I checked. Anything else I can
    > try?


    Please send the contents of Your config file, "/var/log/syslog.conf".
    That's for a start. Prepare to be asked for the output of "mount", "ps",
    and others. Try to find whether You have / can run "strace" on Your

    Plus, send the last lines of the last working "/var/log/messages" file,
    or the one log file that gets most info. (If You cannot decide, simply
    send all of them.) - What is in "/etc/crontab"?

    I can assure You one thing: This is a "Subtle Flaw"(TM by InTel, see
    below), what I mean is that this will hopefully resolve to some minor
    configuration typo that You cannot see Yourself because You're simply
    too close to the matter.

    Cheers, Jack.

    PS: For those interested, the cited "Subtle Flaw" phrase was used by
    InTel to describe the DIV256-bug impact in their early Pentium 90+
    processors... - That was in mid-1995, IIRC.

    My personal reading of the string "MicroSoft" expands to "NanoWeak"...

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