secure /etc/fstab

From: nospam55 (
Date: 07/03/04

Date: Sat, 03 Jul 2004 13:26:36 +0200

Hi !


    From long time I need to improve security on my home linux-M$win box used as

        email, http , IRC , ftp , etc client (dialup connection with no services

    the basic idea is

        1. to make different users for different activities with useradd

        2. to edit carefully /etc/fstab , maybe making careful and intensive use of the
           'owner' , 'uid=' 'gid=' and 'umask=' options


    now the

      man fstab

    doc is somehow confusing, also because it seems to require a quite good
    understanding of the pretty complicate

      man mount



    Q1: is there a tutorial doc discussing 1. and 2. above ?

    Q2: some similar tutorial for the security of my (client, not servicing)
        linux-M$win machine permanently hacker-vulnerable in the LAN of the
        office where I work ?

Thanks for your time :)