Re: convert plain text rsa keys to pem or der format

From: Dr. Robert Meier (
Date: 06/18/04

Date: 18 Jun 2004 14:32:21 -0400


> can anybody tell me how can i convert the plain rsa private keys to
> pem or der format.

Since no one else responded with more detail, I'll provide a hint.
Sorry I have no better detail.

      "private key - known only to owner, never transmitted"
      "secret key - known only to users, transmitted only over secure channel"
      "public key - known to anyone, transmitted to likely users"
I assume that you mean secret key (e.g. for S-MIME). I suspect that
you don't want to transmit private keys in pem, der, or any other

Several months ago, I did this using a convenient web browser.
Netscape Navigator (4.5?) was able to load a certificate holding
an RSA secret key and save it as PEM and/or DER/CER certificate.

If you check around, or someone who reads this can suggest
candidates, you should be able to find a tool (web browser,
mail browser, ...) that can load and save certificates in the
formats you need.

Good luck,

Dr. Robert J. Meier
Compuware, Inc.