Re: cannot access ftp server -- getpeername (in.ftpd): Transport endpoint is not connected

From: jayjwa (
Date: 05/25/04

Date: Tue, 25 May 2004 04:48:50 -0000

On 2004-05-24, Matthias Hupp <> wrote:
>> say you changed FTP servers, but what about removing tcpd
>> out of the mix? It seems like something's going on with it, possibly
>> something to do with what's in /etc/hosts.deny/allow?
> Indeed, proftpd in standalone works. I am using this as a workaround now;
> ftp is only open to the LAN anyway. Gonna have a look at inetd and
> related files (tcpd) when I have more time. And, if possible, use
> pureftpd or so.

I don't think it's even an ftp daemon seems like you got it going
w/o tcpd, so I'd tend to think it's a hosts.deny/hosts.allow rule or the way
tcpd was compiled that is to blame. Anyway, if you're checking out ftp
servers, the newest proftpd (1.2.10rc1, as of this writing) is quite nice.
I've been running it here, trying out some of the contributed modules.
ftpdctl is quite nice.

>> Listing your iptables rules might shed some light too.
> It's a 2.2 system, so ipchains. Which ones, the ones for ftp?

General system rules, eg, incoming & outgoing rules for all connections

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