Re: Can't upgrade OpenSSH

From: Robert (
Date: 03/13/04

Date: Sat, 13 Mar 2004 20:42:04 +0100

Shabam <> wrote:

> This was just one of the easier things to figure out. There are tons of
> other strange software installs out there that offer cryptic install notes.
> And people wonder why Linux isn't catching on in the desktop world. It's
> like you have to read a manual with every other install or something.
No. Installing and running (Open)SSH is nothing less than science. The
reward is security. It must be about 1000 pages on SSH I recently read

Install you new OpenSSL in /usr/local/OpenSSL_0.9.7b.

Then link OpenSSH to OpenSSL. Try
./configure --help. There is one or more lines about how to set the path
to your new OpenSSL libraries.

That config option will work:

--with-ssl-dir=PATH Specify path to OpenSSL installation

Set the path to those libraries or include files. I don't know ad hoc.
Maybe its even OpenSSL's root. Just try it, the script will complain if
the path is wrong.


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