Re: Can't upgrade OpenSSH

From: Tony Curtis (
Date: 03/10/04

Date: Tue, 09 Mar 2004 20:15:31 -0600

>> On Tue, 9 Mar 2004 18:13:39 -0800,
>> "Shabam" <> said:

> I downloaded the latest OpenSSH for Linux on their site, and
> had also installed OpenSSL to the latest version, 0.9.7b.
> However upon doing a "./configure" with the latest OpenSSH
> I'm getting the following at the end:

> [...snip...] checking OpenSSL header version... 90702f
> (OpenSSL 0.9.7b 10 Apr 2003) checking OpenSSL library
> version... 90581f (OpenSSL 0.9.5a 1 Apr 2000) checking
> whether OpenSSL's headers match the library... no configure:
> error: Your OpenSSL headers do not match your library.

You've apparently got 2 different versions of OpenSSL
installed (see the version numbers above).

(Was 0.9.5a really built on Apr 1? Bit of a red-flag date...)

> Check config.log for details. Also see contrib/
> for help identifying header/library mismatches.

Did you try this? Basically you want to remove the old
version and then build OpenSSH with the "real" one.

The latest 0.9.7 version is "c" BTW.

Which distribution is this? Are there no packages for it?